cool places : masseria cimino in apulia, italy


My boyfriend is from Apulia so I have a very particular relation with that region. The food is to die for (well, that was an easy one, it is to die for all over the country really) and the landscape (including some of Italy’s nicest beaches) is breathtaking. We were planning on going back maybe this fall for a little get-away weekend, would love to spend a night at the Masseria Cimino…

www.masseriacimino2 www.masseriacimino3 www.masseriacimino4 www.masseriacimino5 www.masseriacimino6 www.masseriacimino7 www.masseriacimino8 www.masseriacimino9 www.masseriacimino10 www.masseriacimino11 www.masseriacimino12 www.masseriacimino13all pictures via masseria cimino



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