an announcement

guestroom moodboardHappy Monday y’all. Ok so I have a small announcement to make (no, I’m not pregnant or getting married),  I’m going to post only twice a week from now on… Not because I do not love to share stuff that I like with you but because I do not have the time to do it anymore… I hope you won’t hate me but that’s how it is. I will still post stuff about fashion, food, travels and happy Friday but in addition to all the stuff we’re working on for atelierBOEMIA and taking new interior design projects, we will be moving in a big 130m2 flat soon and I need to design everything (and I CANNOT WAIT for it!). I already have plans and ideas for most of the rooms (kitchen, living-dining room, 2 bedrooms, 1 office, a balcony and a terrace), the most time consuming being the kitchen (thinkin’ black, white, brass and splashes of colors). Sooooo you will be able to follow the project here and I hope you’ll enjoy it (among other posts on fashion, food and travels of course!).

Here’s some of the super cool textiles I bought in Marrakesh 2 weeks ago – among a ton of new stuff for our SHOP (and a mood board for the guest room above):

atelier boemia x severinepillerdesign 2 atelier boemia x severinepillerdesign 3 atelier boemia x severinepillerdesign 4atelier boemia x severinepillerdesign 1Beautiful no??? What do you think?

Love you, mean it



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