happy friday

atelier boemia marrakeshSalamalikoum from Marrakesh! I am so happy to be here and luckily it is not as warm but there is still a lot of sweating (covered in desert dust) going on… We arrived on Wednesday and having been busy with various appointments and visits with artisans, factories and cooperatives for atelier BOEMIA. Today we’re off to the Atlas mountains (only 45 kilometers away) so I cannot wait to see new places this beautiful beautiful country has to offer! I am also looking into taking one afternoon off to visit some stuff in Marrakesh and going to the hammam to relax a little…

Here are 3 things making me happy:

Taxi line outside of the the Medina

hm tunic simpleandchicblog

This tunic from H&M that I bought a couple of weeks ago came in handy for this trip…

watermelon gazpacho simpleandchicblog

I always have watermelon gazpacho in my fridge when the temperature raises of 30c, healthy and refreshing!

Have a great weekend!



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