cool places : auberge du soleil in napa

aubergedusoleilnapa 0I have never been to Napa but from what I’ve heard, I think I would feel home right away (wineries every 20 meters, cool looking loges and insanely good food…what else do you need?). This hotel looks like paradise, so cosy, so charming and so my kind of place…

aubergedusoleilnapa 1 aubergedusoleilnapa 2 aubergedusoleilnapa 3 aubergedusoleilnapa 4 aubergedusoleilnapa 5 aubergedusoleilnapa 6 aubergedusoleilnapa 7 aubergedusoleilnapa 8 aubergedusoleilnapa 9 aubergedusoleilnapa 10 aubergedusoleilnapa 11all pictures via auberge du soleil



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