how to keep your flowers fresh by apartment therapy

fresh flower test 1

My mom always puts her flower bouquets outside during night (the fact that it is chilly outside all year long where they live helps I guess) and is convinced that this is just the best method to keep them fresh longer. When I saw this test done by Apartment Therapy, I thought I need to share it with you guys…

Important to know is:

  • All the bouquets were purchased at the same grocery store at one time, so likely from the same source.
  • Each vase was washed in hot soapy water to remove any lingering dirt or bacteria.
  • All flower ends were cut at an angle before placing in vases.
  • Each vase has 1/2 liter of cool tap water.
  • Water was topped up, if necessary, each day and everything was completely freshened on day 3.

Now for the different methods — there are lots of options out there to try but these were 5 of the most common were tested:

fresh flower test 2PENNY: 1 clean copper penny
THEORY: copper acts as antibacterial agent

ASPIRIN: 1 crushed tablet per liter
THEORY: mimics effects of traditional flower food

BLEACH: 2 caps full per liter
THEORY: kills mold & bacteria

FRIDGE: placed in fridge over night each day
THEORY: like fruits & veg, keeps them fresh

CIDER VINEGAR (AND SUGAR): 2 tsp cider vinegar + 2 tsp sugar per liter
THEORY: encourages buds to open and last longer

fresh flower test 3 fresh flower test 4 fresh flower test 5 fresh flower test 6And the winner is (like my mom predicted): just by popping your bouquet in the fridge (or outside) when you go to bed will help them stay fresh and last much longer! Easy no?

fresh flower test 7all pictures and some text by apartment therapy

full article here


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