happy friday

simpleandchicblog coralI have been counting the days till the weekend since Monday basically (came back super tired on Sunday evening and didn’t have a minute to chill the last past 3 weeks) so I am officially TIRED! This week was super busy, things slowly start to move with atelier Boemia and I couldn’t be happier! It is so nice to get positive feedback after all these months of work, sacrifices and stress. This weekend is going to be sunny and a nice 23c so I’m thinking picnic in the park (the first this year)…

Here are 3 things making me happy:

currently diggin’ coral… (new sneakers, tulips and my favorite nail polish)

atelier boemia products

I made lemon marmalade (recipe to be posted soon)… so we set up a breakfast table we our atelier Boemia goodies (Emma tray, Moroccan basket-coming soon and pompom placemat), looking good no?

simpleandchicblog severine

Although I’m in Switzerland half of the time, it was really nice to be back and see my BFF (who lives close to the German border so not my usual route)…

I wish you all a fantastic and relaxing weekend!




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