DIY project – customize a basic IKEA planter

IKEA planter DIY

I had the plain white IKEA planter for ages and I wanted to give it a little bit of a twist (and also I had been raining non stop for 3 days last weekend so I needed a project).

All you need really is to choose the colors and patterns you want to give the planter. I went for classic black and white with a touch of gold because it think it looks really chic…

IKEA planter DIY 1

1. Start by covering your table with plastic (I’m clumsy so I didn’t want it to look like a Pollock painting afterwards) and start painting:

IKEA planter DIY 2

Once I was done with the black paint, I made sure to let dry for 2 hours (minimum), then I painted the bits in gold and again let dry. I finished with a protective transparent coat of varnish…

IKEA planter DIY 3

And voilà! A cheap way to definitely give a basic planter a personalized touch.

IKEA planter DIY 4all pictures © the simple and chic blog


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