my wake-up routine


Here’s a glimpse at my daily morning ritual…

8.00 AM : Alarm goes on (the moment I hate the most especially if I’m in the middle of a crazy dream)

yeah I wake up at 8, have diner at 9.30 PM and go to bed at midnight, I like the Italian rhythm as it is very close to my natural one.

8.05 AM : A glass of lukewarm water with lemon right after waking up

It really helps boosting my energy to have a big glass of lemon water so early in the morning and since I always forget to drink (I’m talking about water here, not wine, I never forget to drink wine…) it’s a good healthy start in the day.


8.10 – 30 AM : Checking emails, social medias and news

First I check Facebook and the news on my macbook, then Instagram and Twitter on my Iphone. I read the news on various websites:, and either or (to check what’s happening in Switzerland).


8.30 AM : 1st coffee of the day

Espresso made in a Bialetti moka express, no sugar or cream (again, totally Italian style) but if I’m traveling or meeting someone before 10 AM, I’ll have a cappuccino and croissant.


8.40 AM : washing my face with cold water and moisturize my face before hoping into the shower

I need cold water on my face to really wake up and be functioning. I really am not a morning person so this extra boost helps a lot. If I don’t wash my hair, it takes me 10 minutes to be ready and dressed. Then I have a 2nd coffee and start working…

IMG_9433all pictures © the simple and chic blog


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