cool places : titilaka on lake titicaca, peru

titilaka 1

Perched on a Peruvian peninsula on the rambling banks of Lake Titicaca, an hour from any town, Titilaka hotel looks and feels removed from real life. Plunked in the middle of some of the world’s most remote and spectacular surroundings, this isolation is also steeped in history, just a boat ride from the birthplace of the Incans. It’s not just about the outdoors here: local artwork, excellent fare and dazzling rooms remind you of the lengths the staff go to create splendour in this tiny, secluded and breath-stealingly scenic spot.

titilaka 2

titilaka 3

titilaka 4

titilaka 5

titilaka 6

titilaka 7

titilaka 8

titilaka 9

titilaka 10

titilaka 11

titilaka 12

all pictures and text via mr and mrs smith



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