burger night


Burgers are really trendy in Milan right now and since I’m a junk food junkie, we’ve started to try all the new places to come up with a top 5 of the best burgers (Burger Wave is – by far- on top of the list!). I still believe home made ones are the best so last week, we made them at home and well, it was delicious!


ONE – always use FRESH bread, sprinkle with olive oil and place in the oven so it gets crisp (but not dry!)



TWO – simple and fresh ingredients are key: juicy tomatoes, Swiss Appenzeller cheese, rucola and onions


THREE a couple of minutes before the meat is done, add the onions, they will caramelize and take all the flavors (this is the hardest moment if you are starving…)


FOUR – put the cheese on the meat, 1min until it’s melted, remove and place on the bread


FIVE – top with rucola, ketchup, mustard and THAT’S IT! easy no?

IMG_9053all pictures © the simple and chic blog




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