eataly milano

photo 1

Although it opened on March 17, I somehow only managed to go to Eataly for the first time last week but it doesn’t really matter anymore because entering Eataly is like entering heaven…

Dedicated to Italian gastronomy there is a lot of food, kitchen gadgets, books and drinks (for EVERY budget, it’s important to mention it) but not only… There are 19 small restaurants under one roof (from pizza, pasta, meat, fish restaurants to shops-in-shop selling ice cream and chocolate) so the only advise I can give you is not to enter this place when starving (I did and ended up ordering and buying way too much stuff) but a definite MUST VISIT place while in Milan.

photo 1-1organic veggies

photo 2-1Parmesan cream (yeap, you read correctly, parmesan AND cream, a combo so good I almost fainted – luckily I hold on to my glass of red wine)…

photo 2

photo 3cool inspiring cook books

photo 3-1the ham corner for meat lovers

photo 4colorful seasonal fruit

photo 5and, last but not least, I found this 610 euro bottle of Barolo… cheers!




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