pineapple lime juice

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I had friends over last week and I wanted to prepare a nice pitcher of juice that could refresh everyone (you know how I sometimes try to be healthy – here and here…) but since most of them don’t know what a virgin cocktail is, what started as a healthy juice attempt ended up mixed with vodka and made us all very happy…

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Pineapple lime juice

You will need (for about 1.5 liter of juice)

1/2 fresh pineapple

1 liter of fresh filtered water

juice of 1 lime

ice cubes


mint leaves

agave syrup (if the pineapple isn’t sweet enough)


Cut the pineapple into chunks, put into the blender with the water and mix. Filter the juice and pour it back into the blender. Add the mint leaves, agave syrup, lime juice and ice cubes. Mix again until you get a smooth consistency.

Serve with a little umbrella (because it just makes every drink look better)…

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IMG_4495 copyall pictures © the simple and chic blog

original recipe from here


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