cool places : koh samui and bangkok # 2

IMG_3816 copy

To finish the first part of our Ko Samui holidays, here are some more impression of the island…

IMG_3896 copy IMG_3884 copy

the Big Buddha and funny fortune telling machines…

IMG_3841 copy IMG_3855 copy

A curious elephant lady and the coolest beach bar

IMG_3858 copy

Hin-Ta (grandfather rock) aka weirdly penis shaped rock…

IMG_3625 copy IMG_3813 copy

IMG_3616 copy

And so 12 days went by and inevitably we had to head back to the airport and fly to Bangkok…

IMG_4050 copy

the world famous MBK: 7 floors of shopping heaven…

Let’s just say I’m not a huuuuge fan of BKK but since we where in Thailand already, we decided to stay for 2 more days to do some shopping. Unfortunately, our arrival was coinciding with the day the army decided to take over and a curfew was set from 10 PM till 5 AM. If you have every been to the Thai capital, you’ll know that the fun part of being there is actually the night life so… yeah, let’s just say it was a bit boring but we managed to make the most of it.

IMG_4141 copy IMG_4117 copy

IMG_4110 copy

We found a wonderful little coffee shop right next to our hotel that I highly recommend, don’t miss the café bicycle (and order a cinnamon roll!).

IMG_4057 copyIMG_4060 copy

Now if there are two things I can recommend in Bangkok, the first one is the beautiful Wha Pho temple…

IMG_4094 copy

IMG_4079 copy

IMG_4065 copy

IMG_4064 copy

… and don’t miss the 25m long lying Buddha. (personal tip: from there, you can take a boat down the river until Saphan Taksin and from there catch the BTS skytrain that will bring you back to the center again).

The second is to take the elevator until the roof top at the Banyan Tree hotel and order a cocktail on the 61st floor… breathtaking!

IMG_4134 copy

IMG_4118 copy IMG_4119 copy

I had to stop by my favorite Japanese shop: Loft!!!! Aaaaaaaaahhhh this place is my demise, everything looks cute and beautiful!

And soon enough, I had to sit on my suitcase to close it and it was time to leave…

IMG_3493 copy

all pictures © the simple and chic blog




3 Replies to “cool places : koh samui and bangkok # 2”

  1. Ahhh! I’ve been dreaming of planning a trip to Thailand for the past couple of years. But the media has scared me off with its receny mentions of martial law in effect over there? Did you notice anything of that nature.

    1. Good morning, well the army took over while we were in Thailand so there’s not much we could have done any way! During our 2 nights in Bangkok, we so almost no one from the army (but that was over a month ago so it might have changed) and there was absolutely NOTHING different on Koh Samui. That said bear in mind that there is a curfew so no going out late and the tension is still palpable…

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