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Fran Aldea sent me an email last week saying she loves my blog and how I should have a look at the video she did to promote her kickstarter project. I saw it and what can I say, I was overwhelmed! Her creations are exquisite but most of all that she allows local artisans to continue doing their work and to perpetuate handmade tradition in Santiago, Chile.

Have a look at the video here


She sent me a text in both English and Spanish…

Hi! I am Fran from Santiago, Chile. After studying design, I worked for three years at different retail stores, in their home decor department. I was frustrated and unhappy. I wanted to understand and get involved in each step that goes into developing a handcrafted product.
I quit my job and had no idea what to expect. I started searching for talented local craftsmen that could help and teach me how to work my two favorite materials: ceramic and wool.  I am asking for Kickstarter’s help, so we can take together our project to the next level and make it sustainable in time. If you believe in products with soul I invite you to be part of the biggest Minka in history!

Hola! Para los que no me conocen me llamo Fran. Después de estudiar diseño gráfico trabajé durante tres años en el área Deco de diferentes retail. Quería aprender, entender y conocer todo lo relacionado con la creación de un producto. Así qué renuncié y empecé a buscar artesanos y/o casas de oficios que pudieran ayudarme y enseñarme a trabajar mis dos materiales favoritos: la cerámica y la lana. Durante 30 días trabajaremos para recaudar $15.000 dólares a través de Kickstarter con el objetivo de continuar produciendo sobre nuestra base de valor que protege lo hecho con amor y el origen de los procesos. Te invito a ser parte de la Minka más grande de la historia!







by Carlos Molina B. http://carlosmolina.cc/

So what are you waiting for? Click and support this beautiful project ♥

02MinkaInhouseall pictures via minka inhouse



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