the healthy glow cocktail

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Before I left for Thailand I took beta carotene tablets for a month to prepare my skin to the sun and it totally worked. I never got a sun burn and my skin is still very tanned even 2 weeks after we came back. In order to keep the glow going, I made this super-vitamin cocktail yesterday for breakfast…

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Healthy glow cocktail

You will need (for 2 big glasses)

2 carrots

2 peaches

juice of one lemon

ice cubes

Peel the carrots and cut into small cubes, cut the peaches (leave the skin!) and mix well in a blender. Once it is smooth, add the ice cubes and lemon juice, mix again for 30 seconds and serve immediately.

(if the consistence is too thick, add some water or some more lemon juice)!

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all pictures © the simple and chic blog


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