strawberry soup


Here’s a great, light, fresh, fruity and full of vitamins dessert I made the other night. In an attempt to eat lighter these days (had a lot of fried stuff in Thailand), I decided to make a healthy week (which typically lasted from Monday to Tuesday) and tried this recipe…


IMG_4241 IMG_4240


Strawberry soup

You will need (for 4 person)

600 gr strawberries

2 tbsp of Agave nectar or sugar (if the strawberries aren’t sweet enough)

fresh basil

2 tbsp balsamic vinegar

Start by quickly rinse the strawberries (don’t soak them in water as they will loose their flavor!). Choose about 150 gr of good looking ones and set aside.

Mix the remaining 450 gr and pass them through a strainer to remove the seeds, set aside.

Take the remaining strawberries (but leave some for the place decoration) and throw them into a hot pan for 30 seconds, pour the balsamic vinegar over, cook for another 10 seconds, remove and put on a plate to cool faster.

Place the caramelized strawberries into 4 bowls once they are cold, pour the soup over and decorate with chopped basil and the remaining fresh strawberries.

You can serve these with sour cream (my version, DELICIOUS!) or ice cream. Bon appétit!



 all pictures © the simple and chic blog


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