italian wedding

photo 5

So I attended my first wedding in Italy last weekend (my third counting all of them – I know, most of my friends or single or don’t want to get married)… and it was a blast! The groom is from the south of Italy (Puglia, where I’ll be staying next weekend) and the bride from the very north so the contrast was really striking. The location was absolutely gorgeous, overlooking a lake (and snowing mountains in the back, I almost thought I was in Switzerland) and it was a very fun day, I loved discovering Italian traditions. It was colorful, noisy and full of warmth like I imagined…

photo 2-2

Saturday, 8 AM… couldn’t choose but went for the gray Minelli ones

photo 2-4

11 AM

 photo 1-4photo 2-1

photo 3-2


after the church ceremony

photo 4-2 photo 5-1

photo 4-1


Amazing view over the lake Iseo (above, my -handsome-better half and bubbles to celebrate)

photo 2-3

The amazing dining room…

photo 3-1photo 1-3

 Food food and food again…

photo 3 photo 1-1


photo 1-2

just the best part of a wedding: the CAKE ladies and gentlemen! (a vanilla-chocolate mille-feuilles)

photo 48PM

Location: I due Roccoli

all pictures © the simple and chic blog



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