my golden rules of fashion


I realized that the less I have in my closet, the more creative I become when it comes to pairing outfits, shoes and accessories. Twice a year, I throw everything on my bed (and on the table, the floor and on the sofa) to systematically put away all the stuff I haven’t worn in a year. Instead of giving everything to charity immediately, I have my girlfriends come over for drinks and most of the time, my “old” clothes get a second chance in another closet…


I don’t like to look too pampered and it think a lot about the famous “French style” is about that. Wear an old t-shirt with a classic blazer, leave your hair  messy  but wear a beautiful red lipstick or a wear a man’s shirt with heels like Emmanuelle Alt above (major fashion inspiration)…


Whenever I clean my closet, I try to pair stuff that I never thought of wearing together and if I see that it works, I write outfit combinations in a small notebook so that I get inspired the days I’m not…


Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should splurge all your money to buy ALL the classics you’ve always dreamed about but it is worth investing in pieces that suit you and will still look fabulous in 20 years. I don’t know how many times I wore my Burberry trench but I still feel the same excitement every time I wear it…


This would be the most important for me. In my 20’s, I bought all sorts of crap because it was cheap or trendy and ended up feeling horribly uncomfortable like a pair of stilettos I absolutely had to buy and gave me blisters after only 5 minutes or a short skirt I thought I couldn’t live without and that I ended up pulling down every 10 seconds. Now in my (wise) 30’s, I test everything I try on by moving around in the fitting room and I also have a look at what material it is made of (very VERY important)!

What are your fashion commandments?


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