crispy chicken salad

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Last Saturday, I went for a massage in the morning and skipped breakfast. When I came flew out (I felt so good my feet weren’t touching ground anymore) I was very relaxed but seriously starving and I didn’t want to cook so I went for this super simple but yet savory salad…

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Crispy chicken salad

You will need

1 salad of your choice

200 gr chicken fillet

50 gr of bread crumbs

2 dl of olive oil

salt, pepper, balamic vinegar and balsamic cream

Pour the olive oil into a medium sized bowl, cut the chicken into pieces and throw them into the olive oil. Mix well and set aside for 5 minutes.

My trick to bread the chicken is to put the bread crumbs into a plastic bag (like these), add the pieces of chicken, seal and shake well until the chicken is coated.

Grill your chicken until golden brown (don’t forget to season with salt and pepper), set aside.

Pour some olive oil, vinegar, balsamic cream on the salad, season. Put half of the chicken bits into the salad and mix well.

Serve immediately and place the rest of the chicken on top with a few drops of balsamic cream.

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