happy friday

samui copy

Happy Friday! I must say that I’m pretty happy I managed to make it till the end of the week in once piece (I fell down on Monday and am still in pain). I can’t wait for spring to arrive, I want to start running again (because I feel a lot better when I do), I want to go around by bicycle and just be more active because the lack of light/sun and activity really really tires me… What do you do when you feel like this?

(to cheer me up), here are 3 things making me happy:

To cheer me up from the horror weather outside, I’m looking at hotels in Ko Samui where we’ll be heading in May… (picture from here)

 photo 1

New discovery in my (super cool) neighborhood: Ristorante Albufera. I have never ever had grilled prawns that were so tasty… the chef came out to talk to us and suggest desserts, just perfect! (this will probably become our new favorite restaurant)…

photo 2

Macaron scented candle… a birthday gift from my friend B.

Happy weekend folks!


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