easy floral design


I got a huge flower arrangement on my birthday but when I came back from Switzerland last week, most of it was faded already. I like having a floral arrangement in my dining room so I just re-used the leaves, some flowers and bought fresh tulips to give it a second life…


1. remove all faded flowers and select the pieces that are still pretty fresh and that you can use again

2. soak the foam in fresh water and replace the pieces in a container (in this case, a basket with a plastic protection)


3. start by covering the base with the leaves and work towards the center


4. add the flowers by placing them evenly around the center so it looks balanced


(I bought yellow tulips, my favorites ever since I’m little, for a springy touch)


5. carefully plant the tulips into the foam

6. spray some fresh water on the arrangement


Here you go, a nice and beautiful floral arrangement. You could use any kind of flowers really, what I find important is to place it outside at night (unless temperatures go below zero) to keep them fresh (a tip from my mom) and also to regularly add fresh water to make sure the foam is always wet. I found this website that might be helpful…


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