andalusia road trip : part 1


We left for Andalusia right after Christmas and our first stop was Seville. We arrived in our winter coats to find the most wonderful blue sky and a mild 16c… After a short bus ride from the airport (really convenient, because I’d rather spend my cab fare on wine) we checked into one of the most beautiful hotels I’ve been to, Casa 1800. Our room was on the roof with an incredible view of the Cathedral (the 3rd biggest in the world btw) and an outdoor jacuzzi (that we used despite the 7c at night!).



Room view, inside the hotel and from the terrace

Seville is beautiful, it is the quintessence of every image you might have about Spain, flamenco, horses, corrida – bullfighting, an incredible architecture and orange trees everywhere! The Old Town is rather small and you can reach every important sightseeing place walking.




Above: calle Mateos Gago, filled with lovely little tapas bar where you can sit outside under the (orange) trees


On day 2, we picked up our rental car and drove south to Cadiz. Cadiz is one of the oldest cities in southwestern Europe and used to be the principal port of the Spanish Navy (this is where Christopher Columbus left from on his trip to discover America).  The city itself is rather small but what makes it quite unique is that it is located on a narrow slice of land surrounded by sea…

IMG_2018 IMG_2012

The cathedral of Cadiz, breakfast of the champions before leaving


View from the coffee place we stayed in Cadiz


We followed to road along the cost and stopped in Barbate a small town in middle of nowhere but the weather was so lovely that I absolutely wanted to eat close to the sea…

IMG_2025 IMG_2028

Beach promenade and fried fish


Two hours later, we arrived in Tarifa, what a beautiful surprise this place was, I just couldn’t believe it! Since the shore is only 14 km from the African continent, you can actually see all the light from Morocco and we found the cutest hotel, la Casa de la Favorita. Our room was lovely but the coolest thing was that we had access to our own roof terrace… If you ever are in Tarifa, don’t hesitate and book a room there. The service was very nice and its location makes it the perfect place to stay…

IMG_2039 IMG_2038


View from our terrace…

We freshened up a bit and ran to the beach to enjoy the sunset with a bottle of white wine. You know when you feel so happy your heart could explode? Well I felt like this at that moment, everything was perfect (and not just because all the surfers where coming out of the water)…


IMG_2045 IMG_2065

IMG_2041 IMG_2043

We came home really late after a beautiful evening made of: wine drinking wrapped in a blanket on our terrace, a salsa concert in a little bar just on the corner of our hotel and way too many cocktails but it was December 30 so we had to start celebrating the last day of 2013 early…

Next week: Marbella, Granada, Cordoba and back to Seville


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