an american favorite in milan


A couple of months ago, I was seriously starving while driving through the streets of Milan when I saw the “Bagel Factory” sign. Now, you don’t know me but trust me if I tell you that driving with an empty stomach makes me become slightly aggressive and intolerant behind the wheel… So for the sake of peace and harmony in my car (I wasn’t alone), I immediately pulled over and was lucky enough to find a parking space without having to kill someone or park in 3rd lane like most Italians do…



Not only did the Bagel Factory saved my life (I know I know, drama queen alert) but it has now become one of my favorite places to for lunch on the weekends. I usually have the Lovely Mary (chicken, avocado and honey mustard) but they can prepare any combo you like really…



Oh yeah and they also make super yummy burgers too…


A definite don’t-miss place in Milano!

Corso di Porta Vittoria, 46

Piazza XXIV Maggio, 1/8

Via Marghera, 35



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