happy friday

photo 1

Happy Friday! I hope everyone is ready for Christmas? My goal this weekend will be to actively avoid the city center as it is absolute madness these days (a woman yelled at me because I bumped into her in a super crowded shop… loving the Christmas spirit) and trying to finalize everything for my departure on Monday. I will still have to work next week but we’re leaving for New Years (nothing booked yet but I’m kind of enjoying not knowing where I’ll spend the last day of the year)…

Here are 3 things making me happy:

The super modern Christmas tree in the new Garibaldi area (looks really futuristic)

photo 3

I only need to find one more gift and I’ll be fully ready to leave for Switzerland. The train ride surely will be madness as we will all be pilgrimaging back with suitcases, giant gift bags and food…

photo 2

Present to myself (one needs to indulge every now and then) this beautiful necklace from Zara that I have been wearing A LOT lately!

Happy weekend!


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