happy friday


Hola everyone and happy Friday to all of you! A very good friend of mine who moved to Sao Paulo a couple of months ago came back yesterday so we are going to CELEBRATE tonight with a lot of friends! No plans for the weekend, I might drive to the lake again (last one was a blast, the water was nice, the sun was shining and it surely loaded my batteries for the week) or go visit a friend in Parma… we’ll see, I’ll decide at the very last minute!

Here are 3 things making me happy:

After my brand new Iphone fell down twice already (being clumsy is unfortunately part of me), I found this really cool one at Zara! Love it…


My new Gladiator sandals (go them on sales 20 euros instead of 100… they were screaming at me to buy them), super cool and super comfy!


My friend Ch. brought me white truffle flavored oil… Aaaarghhh…I put it absolutely in every dish (sandwich, pasta, cheese….), thanks again sooo much!!!

Happy weekend everyone!


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