mexican holidays : part 2


We took a day trip to Tulum as it is only 40 minutes away from Playa del Carmen and I must say that this was one of the most beautiful beach I have ever seen. Tulum is famous for it’s Mayan ruins overlooking the sea (always very crowded but really worth a visit).


IMG_7924While we were on the beach, we had one of the best fajitas I ever had (I love Mexican food). I found this recipe that you can follow…



There is a beach access from the ruins but as it is seriously overcrowded, we decided to exit and after only 10 minutes walk, you arrive to the public beach that was almost empty. There are small bars were you can buy drinks and food while bands are playing live music.


IMG_7918A fresh bottle of Corona while listening to music and looking at the horizon is sort of my conception of paradise…


This was one of the most beautiful days. I really love Mexico and I really want to go back and drive around Yucatan a bit. Mexicans are genuinely nice, I always felt safe and to me, it is one of the coolest holiday destinations…


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