granita al basilico


Spring is inspiring me, I added new plants on my balcony and bought a new basil plant as well (it would be really wrong not having it, especially here in Italy). I love combining basil with sugar (like in this recipe), so I had to try making basil granita



It is really super easy to make and you only need 4 ingredients (well 5 if you want to add white wine)…



Granita al basilico

You will need (for 4 person)

1 bunch of fresh basil

4 dl water

100 gr sugar

1 lemon (I used lime, I like the taste better)

Put some basil leaves aside for decoration and cut the rest.

Bring the water and sugar to boil then pour it over the basil leaves, let infuse for at least 30 minutes.

Filter this preparation and pour in into a large (and not to high) Tupperware and put it in the freezer. Scratch the surface with a fork every 30 minutes until you have the right consistency.

Serve with fresh basil leaves (you can also add white wine on top… never a bad idea)



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