a day in the sun


We’ve had one nice day during the Easter weekend and we decided to fully enjoy it by driving to the sea. At first, I wasn’t really sure I wanted to go because I was seriously tired and this horrible rainy weather was making me depressed and wanting to stay in bed all weekend but then we left and I could feel my heart beating faster… I love the sea, maybe because I’m coming from a country where there is no coast, I don’t know but every time I’m driving to Liguria (we went to the lovely village of Camogli) I’m feeling really happy.


We had lunch on the beach promenade (spaghetti alle vongole and white wine wearing just a tee shirt, what more does one want really?) and then stopped to take a nap while listening to the waves and birds flying around. It is funny how just one day under the sun can fully charge your battery. I’m sure if I had stayed in Milan, I would be in the same state of tiredness but today I’m feeling rested and relaxed. Does it have the same effect on you?



Focaccia al formaggio (a must try in Camogli!)


Camogliesi al rhum (another diabolic specialty….)





Additional information on Camogli, here


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