happy (cultural) friday


After spending most of the week in pain (my whole body was hurting) due to the intensive ski weekend we’ve had, we decided to go skiing again tomorrow but just for the day this time. I actually liked being on the slopes again and although I will never be a big fan of winter, it was very nice to share it with good friends. But besides the joys of winter sports, I’m really into doing cultural things lately so here’s what makes me happy right now:

If you are in Milan, make sure to go see this beautiful Robert Doisneau exhibition at the Palazzo delle esposizioni. More information here


(Supporting my friend T. from Kreativsaison):

If you want to go on an intercultural trip with a diverse program from creativity and lifestyle, to nature and history, to wellness and adventure and  acquire journalism experience, network with peers from other European countries, and make an unforgettable journey in a young team, GO and have a look at her website!!!


Finally bought the 3rd book! already read 200 pages in 2 days… love it!!!

Happy weekend folks!


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