italy : love it or leave it


Gustav Hoffer and Luca Ragazzi offer a timely examination of the state of modern Italy through the charmingly light-hearted conceit of a road movie. Starting out in a tiny red Fiat 500, they seek to answer the question: “What is left of the country that makes people dream?” And, once they find the answer, is it enough to stay? Gustav and Luca both direct and star in Italy Love It or Leave It, and their passion for their homeland makes these both personal and universal questions. They use interviews with Italians of all walks of life, Hoffer’s and Ragazzi’s own equally heated and ironic discussions, archival footage, the always glowing landscape, and anything else that crosses the path of their adventure, to explore the notion of relationship and responsibility to one’s country. In a time when many of the millennial generation reject the idea of nationalism as antiquated, considering themselves “citizens of the world,” this documentary takes a revealing look at what this shift in attitude could mean for young people today in their search for a common identity. (text credit: Seattle International Film Festival)



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