emilia romagna road trip part 2

Le 7 Chiese

After our first evening in Bologna, we decided to go for a walk in the morning. You can go everywhere walking and it is very easy to orientate yourself in the city as most of the little streets you take lead to the piazza Maggiore.

We stopped at a very nice (and small and extremely crowded) piadineria  well known in Bologna for being one of the best places to go if you want to have a proper piadina...

La tua piadina

In the afternoon, we walked up the the Madonna di San Luca, a beautiful church on a hill overlooking Bologna. The sun was shining, the temperature was mild and it was one of these perfect moments were you feel truly happy and blessed to be in such a great place.

Views from the Madonna di San Luca

On the way back, we stopped in an old bar called Le Stanze, beautiful because it is located in an old palazzo were you can drink your cocktail while admiring the beautiful (original) paintings on the ceiling.

Le Stanze

In the evening, we had diner in a small restaurant where a band was playing live jazz and the food was just… well what can I say? After I had the tiramisù and half a bottle of wine, I could have died happy because it was a perfect weekend…

La Tua Piadine, via Borgonuovo, 17

Le Stanze, Via del Borgo di San Pietro, 1

Bentivoglio, Via Mascarella, 4



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