sicilia : part one

My family and I try to go on a trip at least once every two years and we decided to go to Sicily this time. I had heard a lot about it (having quite a lot of Sicilian friends here in Milan), that the food was exquisite, the beaches beautiful and Palermo worth a visit so I arrived full of expectations….

We booked a very nice hotel in Balestrate (20min. drive from Palermo), where the beach was absolutely beautiful!

I drove more than 400 km on our first day, we left Balestrate (where our hotel was) in the morning and drove towards the south to arrive in Agrigento and the famous Valle dei Templi a couple of hours later.

This site is one of the most outstanding examples of Greek art and architecture, and is one of the main attractions of Sicily as well as a national monument of Italy.

After a long walk around the temples and a cup of lemon granita (another local treasure if you ask me!), we drove back to go discover the west coast. Our first stop there was in Marsala, well known for it’s wine.

After a nice aperitivo in a small bar, we drove another half hour and arrived in one of the place I liked the most while I was in Sicily: San Vito lo Capo.


Hotel Marina Holiday Resort & Spa in Balestrate (website)

Restaurant in San Vito Lo Capo (Trapani): GHIBLI, Via Regina Margherita, 80


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