napoli : terza parte

After our visit to Pompéi, we decided to walk around Naples a bit more (which ended up to be a 15km day marathon and our legs were seriously hurting!). From the Garibaldi station, we followed via Umberto I directly towards the sea, walked around the covered galleries and the Palazzo Reale

Castel Nuovo

Gallerie Umberto I

Although being quite big, Naple’s centro storico (old Town) is very easy to access and most buildings (covered galleries, theater, Palazzo Reale, Castel Nuovo) are pretty close to each other. We walked around and then sat down for some coffee and sweets at the oldest Caffè in Naples, the Gambrinus… it was marvelous and felt like time traveling for an hour…

Palazzo Reale

The Sfollgiatella – a delicious Neapolitan specialty…

Palazzo Reale and Castel Nuovo

Harbor view from Palazzo Reale


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