3 days in switzerland – part two

After our afternoon in Bern, we went to my parents and from there drove to Gruyères. There is a castle, mountains in the back, cows (in the summer), snow (in the winter), cheese fondue and double cream (that is almost like butter) served in every restaurant so you can’t really get more swiss than there, basically being the quintessence of Switzerland!

Chateau de Gruyères

While in Gruyères, you can also go visit the Giger museum (and very cool bar next to the entrance). HR Giger is a painter, sculptor and interior designer who got internationally famous when he won an Oscar for the terrifying creatures he created for Alien.

From there it takes a 10 minutes drive to Broc, home of the Cailler chocolate fabric… needless to say this is an absolute MUST (and not only because you can try all their specialties at the end of the visit, I ate 13 chocolates in 3 minutes….).

An when we came back home, my mom had prepared a cheese fondue (because the daily calories/fat intake wasn’t reached after the chocolates)… to end a perfect day!


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