cool places : slowpoke café melbourne

My first post of the year is going to be about a nice little coffee place far far away…

Australia is definitely nr. 1 on my To Do List and Melbourne would be my first stop. I’ve heard so much about it, about it’s creative vibe and it’s European flair. My parents loved it and one of my friend moved there about 2 years ago (so a definite must go for me!) but the thing with traveling so far is that you need to have at least a month time to actually see something and right now, I just don’t have the time (unless my lottery wining fantasy comes true)…

Melbourne-based French designer Anne-Sophie Poirier  combined her abundant creative talents with a great measure of thriftiness when designing Slowpoke. Working with a very limited budget, she has managed to pull off an impressively warm, light-filled and imaginative space. Many of the other key pieces around the cafe were either recycled or found at local flea markets.

A definite Melbourne must stop by!

Slowpoke 157 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy


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