current decor obsession : indoor cactus


Oh boy, have I told you about my recent cactus obsession? It all really started when I visited Palm Springs last autumn and it is getting stronger and stronger… I love cactus! Here are some cool interiors that inspire me…

cactus00 cactus1 cactus2 cactus3 cactus4 cactus5 cactus6 cactus7 all pictures via Pinterest (I searched for “cactus” and “interiors”)

happy friday

pink flamingo http://blog.krysmelo.comHappy Friday! This week was really nice, the sun was shining, it was warm, I got to babysit my friends little boy for the first time on Monday, we organized a happy-hour picnic in the park and now that the weekend is almost here, the weather is getting shitty… good times. I really need to catch up on some projects I want do do so I guess I’ll be pretty busy spray painting (DIY project) and also working on some inspiration boards for an apartment I’ll be decorating soooooon…

Here are 3 things making me happy:

Every balcony, terrace or garden should have a pink flamingo… (check this gal’s super cool and funny website and you won’t have any excuses not to get inspired – pink flamingo picture is from her blog!)

Wine-Cheat-Sheatpicture from here

What every respected booze hound wine lover needs to know…

bershka jacket

Latest add to my (very) extensive jacket collection… I LOVE the fringes and stripes!!! Get yours here

I wish you all a great weekend!


cool places : casa ellul in malta

casaellul 0

I can say that I have traveled through Europe pretty extensively but somehow, I never managed to go to Malta. Everybody told me how great it is and how beautiful La Valletta and the island is so… I guess I have to add it to my to do list! Here’s where I would love to stay…

casaellul 1 casaellul 2 casaellul 3 casaellul 4 casaellul 5all pictures by ellul hotel


♥ millie fairhall

milliefairhall1Millie Fairhall is a self-confessed ‘mixed-plate of cultural confusion’ and her heritage reflects heavily in all that she creates.

Based on the Sunshine Coast,Queensland Australia,Millie makes all of her work by hand from her small studio in the mountains,be it woodworking – drawing – sewing – screen printing – designing – painting, she enjoys exploring and playing with a variety of mediums.

I totally fell in love with these gorgeous hand painted wood boards (all sold out… I checked)!

milliefairhall2 milliefairhall3 milliefairhall4 milliefairhall6 milliefairhall7 milliefairhall8 milliefairhall9all pictures and text by millie fairhall